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At HOA Manufacturing and HNL Design & Manufacturing, we constantly challenge current thinking to deliver integrated, responsive and innovative solutions. To ensure we provide the latest and smartest product, the Hendrix HDX coupler line was designed using state of art, 3d modeling software to ensure fit and function before a single component was produced. Each HDX coupler component has gone through rigorous FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing. The foundry process is also aided by software that simulates how the casting cools and solidifies, producing the best casting possible. In addition, we have some of the most qualified engineering staff in the industry and all designs are tested and checked by a Registered Professional Engineer. Our employees who are certified, passionate, devoted to their work, all possess great abilities to generate new and innovative ideas. We do not hesitate to improve our knowledge, our skills at any time, in any situation to make sure we stay front line in the business.

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At HOA Manufacturing and HNL Design & Manufacturing, we believe in “Quality drives productivity”; we possess strong ability to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectation from our products; we provide on-site manufacturing and engineering by fully qualified and dedicated staff to make sure every single product is fabricated in accordance to relevant standards. Our manufacturing site is fully equipped with the most up-to-dated machines and technologies. Having the most advanced engineering programs we create the most accurate and detailed drawings to fulfill our mission. We put in great effort to constantly improve our quality control and management program. We reinforce our quality testing policy to guarantee all our products are fully qualified before they go out.

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As manufacturing leaders, HOA Manufacturing and HNL Design & Manufacturing employees demonstrate a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. This commitment positively differentiates us from competitors. Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of our dynamic culture. The value of safety at our company has been established in everything it does thorough a guiding principle. We do not compromise the health and safety of our people.

At HOA Manufacturing and HNL Design & Manufacturing, we value our customers as our top priority; we do our best to respond to every customer’s needs and requests; we work our best to deliver the best production result to satisfy all our clients; we show great respect to the goodwill and reputation of Hendrix couplers in the market that is valuable asset to our company and we take full responsibility for all the products that are being fabricated at our factory. 

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